Aug 11, 2017

Hosting a Wine Tasting Party 101

Limit your tasting to five or six different wines; a sparkling sweet, two whites, and two or three reds. One bottle will give you ten 2oz pours. 

You will read almost everywhere, to move from the lightest whites to the heaviest reds. So start with the sparkling wine, then move towards the darker heavier wines. 

Take your time between pours. Six bottles with five to ten minutes between pours is a perfect amount of time to taste and discuss. 

 Tasting tips to share with your guests: 
 • See Hold your glass by the stem at a 45-degree angle so it catches the light. It’s really about appreciating what you’re going to sip. 
 • Swirl Hold the base of the stem between your first two fingers and move it around (slowly!) in a small, circular motion to aerate the wine and unlock its aromas. 
 • Smell Stick your nose way into the glass (no, it won’t get stuck) and deeply inhale. This ritual triggers your taste buds. 
 • Sip Take a nice-sized sip and let the wine touch all parts of your mouth, rolling over your tongue and hitting the sides to really get the flavor. 

 Tongue-tied? These terms will help you describe what you’re tasting. 
 • acidic The tart (or over-the-top sour) quality that wine gives off naturally. 
 • tannic Tannins create a dry, puckery, astringent sensation in your mouth. 
body A full-bodied wine feels heavy (the way whole milk feels thicker than skim). 
 • dry A wine is called dry if it’s not sweet. Most table wines are considered dry.

Aug 7, 2017

Newsletter Article Tips

The bloggers of Classy.Org write in this blog post about the three classic pitfalls of Non-profit Newsletters:

1. Problem #1 – It’s too boring. Tell a story and make it interesting so they are guaranteed to read it!

2. Problem #2 – It’s too long. Most people have very short attention spans and are lucky to read half an article. Keep it to the key facts – let them contact you for more once you’ve piqued their interest!

3. Problem #3 – It’s too unattractive. Design and formatting help make things pop! Read the full article for more on how to avoid these common pitfalls.

Thank you! Alicia D

Aug 4, 2017

Mark Your Calendars!

When: Thursday, September 14, 2017 @ 6:30 pm 

Where: Anna's Home in Crystal

Who: All members are invited to this social. This event is about reconnecting and getting to know each other.

What: It's a membership social with a twist. It's a social media social! Don't worry, you won't be asked to be in a video or anything crazy like that. This event is 80% social. Snacks and beverages will be provided. There will be plenty of time to get to know new members and reconnect with members you have not seen in awhile. For the twist there will be social media demos for those who are interested along with a little Pinterest 101. 

Aug 1, 2017

August Math Square

Try to fill in the missing numbers.
Use the numbers 1 through 25 to complete the equations.
Each number is only used once.
Each row is a math equation. Each column is a math equation.
Remember that multiplication and division are performed before addition and subtraction.

Jul 31, 2017

Meet the 2017/2018 Board: Colleen T. - Membership VP


Hello New Hope Chapter, welcome all to a new year with New Hope Women of Today! I am excited to be serving you as your chapter Membership Vice President. I have been a member for 26 years and have enjoyed every opportunity that I have had. I joined after my family attended the New Hope city festival called Duk Duk Daze.

This year in the membership area we will have a TEAM approach to membership. It is everyone’s reasonability for our chapter membership. We will be educated in the Membership area from chapter to district to state to US level. There is so much information to share that falls under the membership area that you will be surprised!

This year we will have FUN team competitions that will help you get to know other members and some exciting new m-nights! Watch for additional Team Membership emails for more information.


Jul 29, 2017

Your Health Care Directive

You are invited to attend a presentation at the New Hope YMCA on Wednesday, August 23rd at 7:00 pm. This free event is sponsored by New Hope Women of Today and features a speaker from North Memorial Hospital who will talk about Advance Care Directives. Advance care planning helps people explore and document goals and wishes for their future health care, should they ever be unable to express these wishes due to illness or injury. After the presentation you are encouraged to fill out a directive form or you may bring your current directive and have it looked over or notarized. Remember after your children become adults, they must also have their own directive. All attendees will be asked to sign in as a guest or present their membership card.

Jul 26, 2017

Fall State Convention

Are you living in the right century? Explore your feelings and join us at Fall State 2017 as either a Medieval Woman or a Modern-Day Renaissance woman! 

There is a lot planned for the weekend of September 22-24 at Hinckley Casino. I have 2 rooms reserved for Friday and Saturday nights. 

Friday night starts with a Project Fair, where you can check out many different vendor booths as well as stopping at the booths sponsored by the different State Program Managers. You get a chance to learn about the different areas that Women of Today promotes, sign up for drawings, purchase some vendor products, and mingle with ladies from chapters all over Minnesota. Saturday we have a business meeting followed by a great luncheon and lots of awards for chapter projects and individuals who have been outstanding so far this year. In the evening we have a banquet followed by great party, where we will dance, watch skits and have fun. Sunday brunch has a speaker scheduled and that is always worth attending. 

If you are interested in joining us at convention in September, please let me know so I save you a spot in the room and we usually carpool. We will also meet up with our Pals chapter Byron for a post-party get-together in our room. 

Don't forget you get your name put in for a trimester drawing as well as a special homemade Italian dinner at year-end. The full registration form can be found at

Thank You! Rita

Jul 24, 2017

LPM Wanted!

Wanna Get Your Feet Wet? I am looking for someone to take on Local Project Management for Youth of Today. If you've been waiting for the right puddle to jump into, this may be it! Last year Pam M organized a meal at Treehouse in New Hope. It was super easy - call them, pick a date and time, decide on a menu, and finally bring it to the chapter for volunteers to help. On the day of the event, we were there about two hours. It was fun and the teenagers and leaders were kind and grateful. I will happily volunteer to contribute and serve again! Pam M (a seasoned member) has offered to help a new or newer member navigate this area. Please consider this LPM position. This will be a great way to get your feet wet with the NHWT! Feel free to call me (or Pam) with any questions, or ask me (or Pam) at the next meeting.

Thank you! Bonnie H, PVP

Jul 21, 2017

Beauty and the Beast

We have seats reserved for the New Hope Outdoor Theater for Friday, July 28th. The Theater is located behind City Hall, by the pool. There is no charge for attending, but donations are welcome. Bring your blanket and some mosquito spray, they do spray, but just in case. They have refreshments, or bring your own. The play starts at 8 pm, please arrive at 7:30 to secure your seat. If you wish to attend, please contact Rita so we save you a spot.

Thanks! Rita

Jul 20, 2017

Extended Deadline - Lavon H. Cooper Scholarship

The New Hope Women of Today Organization is proud to offer the Lavonne H. Cooper Scholarship to former high school graduates of Robbinsdale School District 281 (Armstrong, Cooper or Highview). Scholarships awarded range between $500 and $1,000.


Applications must be postmarked by September 1, 2017.

Jul 19, 2017

Personal Enrichment Course

We are planning to offer a session in August with a speaker who will talk about "Advance Directives". This course will be offered to the public and help prepare all who attend for any unexpected family situations that might involve making medical decisions. More information will be put out to members as this is firmed up. If you have any questions you would like answered, please share them with Rita, so the speaker is aware in advance. Hope to see many of our members there! Rita and Peggy

Jul 16, 2017

Walking Club, July Update

Wednesday July 26

Meet at Delores’s @ 6:30 pm for walking in
Northwoods Park

Contact Delores H for questions!

Jul 14, 2017

Book Club, July Update

Below are the remaining book club selections for 2017 along with tentative meeting dates. Look for more information on the book club meetings as the dates get closer!

• A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman – Wednesday, July 19th. Note the meeting date change. Meeting will be at Lori W's house and we will have a showing of the movie “A Man Called Ove”, which came out last year. Movie starts at 6:30 and is approx 2 hours long. Everybody is invited! There will be popcorn!

 • The Whistler - John Grisham - September 14th

• The Rosie Project - Graeme Simsion – November 9th

• Ask Him Why - Catherine Ryan Hyde- January 11, 2018

 If you have any questions on our book club, including if you would like to be added or removed, please contact Lori at We would love you to join! Lori

Jul 10, 2017

A July Note from President Carrie

Wow! It’s already July! Where is this summer going? I hope you all are having a wonderful summer. Ours has become increasingly busy with the last part of July, Derek has business travel the last 3 WEEKS; the girls have summer programs and vacation Bible School so that means I turn into a single Sherpa mom. Trying to get things done is CRAZY!! But my reward is coming, I get to go on a trip to Ireland with my coming up in August! Looking at my schedule made me think that if you weather through the hard/messy/crazy part of life you will get to your reward. Which brings me back to you guys, I completely feel like we are in a transition year, we need to get back on track with our members. Muddle through the hard/messy/crazy part and get back to the fun stuff! But the board and I can’t do this alone! I need your feedback, ideas, creativity. Let us know what we can do for you! Let’s start working towards our reward of a strong chapter again! Have a wonderful rest of your summer!

Hope to see you at a few functions! Carrie

Jul 7, 2017

Tips on becoming a great leader

It’s about supporting people and encouraging growth. None of us start out knowing all of the answers. Take the time to explain your ideas/needs and foster growth.

Include Others.
Include all members. Do not assume someone is not interested or that they should know what you are planning. Invite everyone with the same level of excitement and expectation.

Take the time to communicate in three different ways: 1. verbal, 2. non-verbal (written, asl, ect.), and 3. social media (Facebook, Twitter, email, website). 

Respect Others.
Respect each other at all times. Your words have the power to change the world. Do not speak from anger or frustration. Use yourself as an example of what a successful professional looks like.

Own It.
Take responsibility. Do not change the rules or requirements mid process. Handle concerns behind the scenes without creating new issues for others.

Recognize Others.

Share the credit. Recognize all those who help with events and projects. Simply say “thank you.” It is the little things we do that make all the difference in someone’s day.

Jul 1, 2017

July Math Square

Try to fill in the missing numbers.
Use the numbers 1 through 16 to complete the equations.
Each number is only used once.
Each row is a math equation. Each column is a math equation.
Remember that multiplication and division are performed before addition and subtraction.

Jun 27, 2017

Women's Wellness Walking Club

Wednesday June 28

Meet at Delores’s @ 6 pm for walking in
Northwoods Park

Contact Delores Hoseth for questions!

Jun 26, 2017

Meet the 2017/2018 Board: Shannon J. - Secretary


Hello! Shannon your secretary here! My theme this year plays off Carrie's - BE CANDID. I believe communication is important and I want to help be a conduit for that.

I've been a member since 2013 and have done Sunshine club and now secretary (2 years running). I joined because I was new to the community and wanted to connect with people, and DID I! This organization has become very important in my life!

So personal info - I'm married (Derek) with 3 kids. YES - we ARE busy but we love it. I'm an engineer at 3M.. I love being creative, digital scrapbooking, gardening, making messes, cooking and movies. :)

I'm looking forward to being your secretary again this year! Shannon

Jun 24, 2017

NHWT Book Club

Below are the remaining book club selections for 2017
along with tentative meeting dates. Look for more
information on the book club meetings as the dates
get closer!

• A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman –
Wednesday, July 19th. Note the meeting date
change. Meeting will be at Lori W's house and
we will have a showing of the movie “A Man
Called Ove”, which came out last year. Movie
starts at 6:30 and is approx 2 hours long.
Everybody is invited! There will be popcorn!

• The Whistler - John Grisham - September 14th

• The Rosie Project - Graeme Simsion – November 9th

• Ask Him Why - Catherine Ryan Hyde- January 11, 2018

If you have any questions on our book club, including if you
would like to be added or removed, please contact Lori at We would love you to join!

Jun 22, 2017


Everyone joined Women of Today for different reasons, but the creed says we are Service, Growth and Fellowship. We want to make sure we are offering all three of these to our membership.
It’s easy to identify the Service and the Fellowship activities, but the Growth is something we may have to work on. Some members experience Growth as they volunteer to take Program Manager positions or serve on the Board; however, many over the years have experienced Growth through Personal Enrichment Courses they have taken or certifications they have completed.

Certifications help you identify areas of your personal life and Women of Today involvement that can provide you with specific goals to achieve. If you set goals to achieve in your personal life, they can give you purpose and a feeling of achievement when you complete them. So Women of Today certifications are set up to be goals that members can achieve. When you complete the certifications, you are recognized by the State or National Organization.

The areas of certification are Living and Learning, Personal Development, Health and Wellness, plus the STEP program, which we have not participated in for years. This program was the backbone of our Growth program when I joined many years ago. It was really helpful in my own Growth in the chapter.

Several years ago, when I did Living and Learning, I made a packet of all the forms. Our chapter had great results with certifications when I did this, so I am doing that again! I will be passing out the packet to each member as well as emailing it out to all members. If you choose to complete any of the certifications, that is up to you. I will put names on each packet and give you a chance to fill them out at the meeting and then collect them after.


Jun 19, 2017

Duk Duk Daze!

Our largest community event is approaching quickly and we need your help! There are 75 shifts to
fill in order to have all of our games open for the kids and adults to play.

We count on you, our members, as well as families and friends to help with this event in order
to make it a success. I know many of you are available for any shift, so you wait and let others register first. We are asking that you make your choices now, so we know what is not covered. There are 5 time shifts over the weekend (July 14 – 16)l. We also need help setting up on Thursday evening (July 13th), so if you are not available for the Festival, helping us Thursday would be awesome!

If you have any questions, please contact Tawn or Rita.

Thank you in advance for helping make this event a success – we appreciate it and look forward to
another great year!

Jun 17, 2017

City Hall Flower Gardens

New Hope had the privilege of planting this years flowers at the gardens by city hall. Come check them out while enjoying a day out at the park.

Jun 10, 2017

A June Note from President Carrie

I got busy…

That truly seems like my new norm for the past couple months, May
went so fast, and I’m sure June will be even quicker. As I sit here an
hour before we leave for Florida (26 hour car ride!!) and Alicia asked if
I had a president note, I thought… “I can be better organized than
this!” I can pack a car for 10 days in Florida and not forget anything,
but yet I leave something till last minute that I truly need to have ready
by a deadline.

Yes, I am calling myself out! In the days of go, go, go…it’s time to slow
down a bit. You will find I at times get scatter brained and I leave
things to last minute. But these are things I need to work on to become
a better me! So please do not be afraid to approach me on things, or call
me out. I am here for the chapter to help and get things done!

Have a great rest of June!
~ President Carrie

Jun 7, 2017

Why You Should Give Honest Heartfelt Random Compliments Every Day

It increases your self-esteem:
Giving a genuine compliment is an amazing positivity boost! But compliments are not only good for the recipients—they’re good for the people who give them as well. When you go out of your way to say something nice and give thoughtful praise to another person, it amplifies your self-confidence and nourishes your self-esteem.

It strengthens your relationships:
The act of giving compliments creates a virtuous circle. Telling someone that they have made a positive impact on your life, or that you admired the way they handled a situation, is a powerful gift. You reinforce their value in the world, while strengthening your relationship.

It adds positivity to your day:
All too often, kindness is mistaken for weakness — and that’s a notion that we need to fight. Maybe we don’t compliment others as much as we should (or possibly as much as we want to) because we’re too self-conscious to put ourselves out there. Being unapologetically nice — and honest about that niceness — can make us feel pretty vulnerable; but giving a compliment is such a beautifully simple way to add a little extra dose of positivity to the world (or, you know, just make someone’s day a little better).

It makes you more empathetic:
Committing yourself to more complimenting means committing yourself to paying closer attention, to practicing everyday kindness. And taking the time to acknowledge someone else’s awesomeness will likely only make you a more observant and empathetic person. It is not the thought which makes us empathetic, but the effort it takes to think it, plus the additional step of expressing it. 

It takes the focus off of you:
Any time you can break the habit of “stinkin’ thinkin’” even just for a second, you’re shifting your attention from all the things going wrong in your day and putting it on helping make someone else’s day a little sunnier. Before long, your compliment to a complete stranger could go viral, and strangers everywhere will be smiling at each other, telling the person they just passed on the street something they like about them. Yes, this is indeed a game changer for everyone.

It sparks creativity:
Finding something positive to say to someone at least once a day has to the power to remove, say, that person’s mental block around a big project they’ve been struggling with and clear the pathways for them to get to the solution.  While something this drastic might not happen to each person who receives a compliment from you, you will undoubtedly create a space for them to think differently from that moment on. Small acts of kindness go a long way these days.

It increases your happiness:

When you put positivity out into the world, you yourself become a happier person. It is hard to be nice to be nice to others while being miserable. It reflects from the outside in. Giving compliments adds to your own personal happiness and self-worth.

Jun 1, 2017

A Special Thank You

Thank you to everyone who attended Lynn's Memorial Bench Dedication. We had several family members and friends share stores about Lynn and over 50 people in attendance. Your support is much appreciated.

A special thank you to all those who have supported the memorial bench. We hope this bench will be here for decades to come for all to remember and honor Lynn’s life.

The New Hope Women of Today would like to recognize the many members of the community who have come together to make the Lynn Struck Memorial Bench possible.

The City of New Hope

The MNWT Foundation

The NHWT 2015 Convention Committee

and the following families for their generous donations: Windschitl, Tunison, Collins, Brehmer, Nightengale, Wallenfelt, Carlson, Crough, Sather, Neiss, Medvec, and the anonymous

Along with the Memorial Bench a $900 Donation in Memory of Lynn has been made to the Frauenshuh Cancer Center at Park Nicollet integrative therapies area.

A few of our Fabulous NHWT members, past and current.

Photos: Lynn Struck Memorial Bench Dedication

June Math Square

Try to fill in the missing numbers.
Use the numbers 1 through 16 to complete the equations.
Each number is only used once.
Each row is a math equation. Each column is a math equation.
Remember that multiplication and division are performed before addition and subtraction.

May 29, 2017

Meet the 2017/2018 Board: Diane W. C. - Parliamentarian

"Party with the Parli"

Hello! I am a long time member of NHWT - 28 years to be precise (whooo). I originally moved from Michigan in 1978 to go to graduate school (Maternal and Child Health, School of Public Health). We love it here!! I am mother to two adopted sons, Matt who is 26 and Tom who has passed.

I currently work with people needing bone marrow transplants through Be The Match / National Marrow Donor Program but I am counting the days to my retirement at the end of this June.

I love WT as a way for people to come together in friendship and community activities. I often host membership coloring sessions and craft making (although my skills are pretty remedial.) I enjoy going 'up North' for fishing, reading and teaching myself to quilt. If you come to my house you will find dog and cat hair, dust and lots of books.

As your parliamentarian, my responsibilities are:
• over see the yearly bylaws and policy review
• see that the chapter upholds our bylaws/policies and those of MN Women of Today
• help with parliamentary procedures as outlined in Robert's Rules of Order
• help with any voting the requires a paper ballet.

Questions? Ask me anything! Diane

May 27, 2017

Two New USWT States

Having 7 completed extensions this year is very exciting but to have two new states with two new chapters is so great. Let’s take a moment to think about all the activities, projects, M-nights, chapter meetings, fundraisers that these new states will experience. These communities will become better places to live. They will shine with all the opportunities.

So let start these news states off right by sending them a big welcome or a note of encouragement. Can we over fill their mailbox? YES WE CAN!!!! Let’s see how many cards can be mail out before USWT convention in Los Vegas. I will have a treat for you at convention if you mail one so let me know by email ( before June 7th.

Thanks, Colleen T

Please send your cards to:

Valley of the Sun WT
Carmella Mongold
8220 Keats Ave #319
Mesa, Az. 85209

Rose Rock Women of Today
Theresa Johnson
4200 Banner Road
Noble, OK 73068

May 24, 2017

NHWT Book Club! Everyone is welcome...

Below are the books for 2017 along with tentative meeting dates.
Look for more information on the book club meetings as the dates get closer!
• A Man Called Ove - Fredrik Backman - July 13th
• The Whistler - John Grisham - September 14th
• The Rosie Project - Graeme Simsion – November 9th
• Ask Him Why - Catherine Ryan HydeJanuary 11, 2018
If you have any questions on our book club, please contact Lori W or We would love you to join!

May 22, 2017

Walking Club

Ladies, get your walking shoes ready! We will walk on Wednesday, May 24th at 6:00 pm Meet at Delores’s home. We will then head out for a walk at Northwoods Park! Contact Delores H. for questions!

May 19, 2017

MNWT Online Clothing Store!

The MNWT online clothing store is now open again until May 26th. There are 11 different clothing items and a very nice logo bag. You select the item you want and then choose the size and color. All items are women's sizing except for the Adult Poly T-shirt (men's sizing). When you are done shopping, you check the box for shipping ($5 fee) and enter your address. You can make your payment through PayPal or with any credit card. It's quick and easy! Simply click on the following link to go directly to the store: men_of_Today.html Thanks so much for shopping with MN Women of Today!!

May 17, 2017

The Lynn Struck Memorial Bench.

    Lynn Struck passed away October 15, 2014 surrounded by her loving family, after battling cancer for 3 years. In her 57 years she touched the hearts and minds of people too numerous to count. She was a loving wife, mother, grandmother and friend. Lynn was an active, contributing member of both civic and religious organizations including mission trips and religious education at the House of Hope.  Lynn had the biggest heart and especially loved kids. She was a home child care provider for many years. She also volunteered her time to help at the Crisis Nursery, Ronald McDonald House, Red Cross Babysitting Clinic, local schools and more!

    As a 28 year member of the new Hope Women of Today Lynn was instrumental in recruiting new members and ensuring they felt welcome and needed.  She opened up her house for many meetings and social events. Lynn initiated and chaired many projects to benefit our community and worthy causes, such as Duk Duk Daze, benefit dances and wreath sales that helped raise money for PRISM, Home Free, the March of Dimes, the Lupus Foundation, School District 281, and many other charities.  Her giving nature kept her an active member to ensure that our chapter continues to flourish and remain an integral part of this community.  Lynn truly left the world a better place!

   In December of 2014 New Hope Women of Today started the process to place a memorial bench at Northwood Park to honor Lynn’s many years of faithful service to the community. Lynn’s Bench has now been placed at its permanent home at Northwood Park along the walking path facing the pond and a newly redesigned playground. It is a beautiful location to gather and reflect. A simple community dedication will be held on Thursday, June 1, 2017 at 6:30 pm for all to gather and share stories about Lynn. Ice Cream treats and beverages will be provided for those in attendance.

   The New Hope Women of Today would like to thank the many members of our community that made personal donations, the NHWT 2015 Annual Convention Committee, the Minnesota Women of Today Foundation, and City of New Hope for their support and contributions to this project. With the help of our many community sponsors, along with the placing the bench we were able to donate $900 to the Frauenshuh Cancer Center at Park Nicollet in Memory of Lynn Struck.

Highway & Park Clean Up!

Adopt-A-Highway and Park is scheduled for Thursday, May 25th. We will meet in the parking lot of McDonalds in New Hope on 42nd and Winnetka on Thursday, May 25th at 6:00 PM.

This is the only project that we are committed as a chapter to do twice a year and many hands make for light work!! If you have younger kids, you can still help! We will have you and the kids work in Civic Park, right next to New Hope City Hall. We will meet back up at McDonalds afterwards for a treat! For questions or to RSVP please contact Tawn H.

May 16, 2017

New Hope Women of Today General Meeting Reminder

Salad Supper and General Meeting
Monday, May 22, 2017
Start Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Holly Nativity in New Hope

Happy Hour
Around. 8:30 pm at Applebee's

Things to know...
   It's a potluck, bring a dish to share! Any Appetizer, salad, or treat will do.

   It's our 1st meeting of the new year! Come to support Carrie and learn about our upcoming activities.

   It's a party in a meeting! Everyone who attends will be entered in a drawing for a garden basket. Come dressed in your favorite outdoors/garden wear for a chance to win a fabulous prize.

May 10, 2017

A May Note from President Carrie.

Hello and welcome to a new year with the Women of Today! I decided to take a HUGE leap outside my comfort zone and tackle the presidency this year since I truly enjoy this organization and all the ladies I have met. I’m hoping to see us grow this year. Not just in membership, but as a group and individually! I’d love to start “Thinking Outside the Box”, find more projects for us to do and getting together a bit more to get to know one another again. But I can’t do this alone! So I hope you join me in Being Courageous this year, step outside your comfort zone and help make this a great year!

Community Volunteering Opportunity

The New Hope Women of Today are privileged for the opportunity to offer the community affordable family friendly games at Duk Duk Daze each year. We could use your help filling the many volunteer position required  to support the kid's games at Duk Duk Daze, July 13 - 16, 2017. We use Sign-Up Genius for people to volunteer to "work" the games.  If you wish to volunteer to help, sign up by clicking this link: Duk Duk Daze registrationIf you have any questions, please contact Rita at

We are also looking for monetary donations for purchase of prizes and coupons from local businesses for discounts on meals and services, that can be used at the games.  Donations help us keep our game prices low and allows us to provide a family friendly and affordable event. If you would like to donate please contact Rita at 

May 7, 2017


Carrie Atkinson stepped up to be the NHWT 2017-18 Chapter President because in her words she had "20 seconds of insane courage" (from the movie We Bought a Zoo). I do believe with you as our leader something great will come of it.

May 1, 2017

Welcome Our 2017/2018 Board

Congratulations to our new board. 
President: Carrie A
State Delegate: Rita J
Treasurer: Sue W
Secretary: Shannon J
Programming VP: Bonnie H
Membership VP: Colleen T
Parliamentarian: Diane W C

May Math Square

Try to fill in the missing numbers.
Use the numbers 1 through 16 to complete the equations.
Each number is only used once.
Each row is a math equation. Each column is a math equation.
Remember that multiplication and division are performed before addition and subtraction.